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#16a  Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This beautiful Image shows the 308 FT lower falls. The yellow color of the stone here is where Yellowstone got its name. The Photo shows some ice left from winter even though it was taken in June.


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   #Y2   Lone Star Geyser              #Y3  Morning Glory Pool


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   #Y4 Park Entrance Sign               #Y5  Bison enjoying a meal


    ys20415a.jpg (47263 bytes)       ys2058.jpg (48278 bytes)

       #Y6   White Dome Geyser            #Y7     Grotto Geyser



                                     ys20715a.jpg (31846 bytes)


                                   #Y8     Old Faithful Geyser


This Park is a photographers paradise! Wildlife is everywhere and every corner brings a view that is hard to describe with words!


The weather was not the best on this trip, snow and cold in June, even with that it was hard to leave.




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